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Promotional products are a staple to every serious business owner, account exec and professional. Why? Well, the big downside to business cards is that they almost always end up in a desk drawer, wrapped up with an elastic band with hundreds of other cards. How do you stand out when you are wrapped up with hundreds of other cards?

That is where smart entrepreneurs come to use promotional products to give them the extra edge they need to stand out and above everyone else. Imagine your brand, your name, your phone number in the hands of your best clients and prospects. Whether it is the pen they sign your sales order with or their favorite travel mug they fill up at Tim’s every morning to the golf balls they drive down the fairway, we have the promotional products you need to increase your brand recognition and reach your target market.

We provide our clients with almost anything with a logo. These products include pens, pencils, highlighters, kitchen gifts, bbq sets, ceramic mugs, travel mugs, tote bags, water bottles, cell phone chargers, padfolios, lanyards, name tags, sport bags, smartphone wallets, Bluetooth speakers, umbrellas, sunglasses, travel gifts, backpacks, laptop bags, flashlights, safety kits, blankets, cleaning cloths, chairs, cooler bags, headphones, calendars, keychains, lapel pins, Frisbees, golf balls, tees, passport wallets, travel adapters, mousepads, photo frames, notebooks, duffel bags, tech products, tablecloths and much more.

As a proud partner of Talbot Marketing, Canada’s largest buying group of promotional products we can pass on the savings we enjoy with our buying power and provide you with a wide choice of products and promotional ideas you can use to make your business stand out.

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