Did you ever wish that you can pick and choose the promotional products you need when you need them, fully customized? Well now you can. We have received a ton of feedback from clients just like you that wanted to order in smaller quantities as they did not have the storage space, but enjoy the pricing benefits that come with high volume orders.

The solution we came up with was the E-Store. Here is how it works.

You start off by selecting all the product you feel you will go through in a 12 month period. You place your order fully customized to your needs. We will warehouse it for you until you need it. To make managing your store simple and easy for you, we will build a website that you can securely log into and order what you need from your pre-selected inventory. It is then packaged and shipped to you and you get invoiced for what you ordered.

The E-Store is ideal for businesses that have multiple locations. We can give the managers of each location their own unique ID to order from. You no longer have to warehouse and store large quantities of product. By pooling the purchasing of all your locations through your E-Store, you can enjoy the savings that come from large volume orders.

Below are just a few samples of the hundreds of choices we provide our clients when it comes to setting up their personal E-Store. For more information, you can call us directly at 1-(844) 638-3750, fill out the contact form at the right, or request a catalogue.

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